Master the Art of Music

in small manageable steps

Master Skills

Learn practical skill and theory side by side in a fearless environment. 

Gain confidence

Spaced repetition facilitates understanding
to succeed.

Performing practice

through weekly guidance to produce world-class pianists.

Overview of Curricula Offered

Practical Piano

Step by Step

Students study the geography of the piano while learning to identify the note names and where they live on the staff. Connections to concepts that are covered in the theory book are highlighted.

Practice to achieve hand and finger strength are assigned weekly. Depending on the student's level, technical exercises are assigned. At the first meeting the level is determined, and instruction is provided to secure the prescribed material.

Music Theory

Theory Time Workbooks

These workbooks provide detailed explanations and exercises to learn note names, how rhythm is constructed, and how to recognize and read it on-the-fly. Abundant note name practice for the treble and bass clefs are assigned. Dynamic signs and music terminology is practiced and implemented during the practical part of the lesson.



Two recitals per year are scheduled. During the year duets are practiced, and students are paired with a partner for their performance.

Student and Parent Testimonials


It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation. I have known Mrs Alta for more than 2 years. My children started taking piano lessons with Mrs Wehmeyer in May 2016 ages 6 and 5 at the time. They never played any instrument before and have only been exposed to music by attending Lake Worth Kids Choir. Mrs Alta opened a new world for Aeriel and Ryan and the progress they made during these 2 years with her as a teacher far exceeded any expectations I had and demonstrated to me what a wonderful teacher she is. Not only are my children growing as piano players they are gaining more confidence in themselves. Playing and practicing the piano is not a chore but rather an activity they perform happily and voluntarily.

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Mrs Wehmeyer is constantly imparting her enthusiasm and love of playing the piano onto my children and me as I recently started taking piano lessons withMrs Alta myself. Rather than work directly from a piano lesson book, she would play different pieces of music and allow them to choose what they wanted to learn. She customizes the music and lessons to their current skill levels while at the same time providing challenges to keep the learning process going. By allowing the students to choose the piano piece that they want to learn, the children become part of the teaching process. Aeriel and Ryan have more incentive and motivation to practice and play. Once a piano piece is mastered, they are very enthusiastic about beginning the next new piece. Since the piano lessons are happening in our home, I am able to observe my children's interaction with Mrs Wehmeyer. This is where I witnessed the wonderful connection that developed between her and the students. Mrs Alta relishes in my children's accomplishments and acknowledges each newly learned measure of music. She is very proud of each and every student as was evident during recitals. Aeriel and Ryan performedtheir piano pieces with excitement and enthusiasm, they even played a duet! It is very evident that Mrs Alta encourages her students to bring part of his or her own character into the music. Mrs Alta makes learning the piano a magical thing. Mrs Wehmeyer is not only friendly and patient, but also good at gauging her students' level of knowledge and ability. Her commitment to students is evident. Mrs Alta is teaching my children Music Theory, too. We share the same belief that theory is imperative in musical education. Alot of children consider it boring, but Mrs Alta sees each student as an individual and approaches challenges in ways that work wonders. I respect Mrs Alta Wehmeyer for many of her qualities but most of all because she can connect with students of all ages and customize their pianolessons according to their strengths. She is a very positive and encouraging teacher who is able to make confident self-motivated piano players out of her students. I highly recommend Mrs Wehmeyer as a piano teacher and am excited for her future students who will experience her contagious passion and love of music first hand.