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Ms. Alta Cultivates Lifelong Learners

She inspires students at all levels to excel in music, writing, critical thinking, and social skills. She nurtures their love for learning and sets a high bar for lifelong learning, inspiring them to succeed.

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Learn more about Ms. Alta!

Below, you can read what parents and students have to say about their experience with Ms. Alta.

Student and Parent Testimonials

     Scott (Parent)

Ms. Alta deserves many, many more stars! While some teachers teach lots of one day classes, she teaches long term and semester classes week after week. She is patient, kind, reliable, talented, and gently funny. Your child will be encouraged, challenged, and given real feedback from an organized, caring, and professional teacher who loves what she does. One of the very best IEW teachers (and we tried many). You won't be disappointed; in fact, you'll be delighted. Thank you. Β 

     Joshua (Student)

She's been my teacher for about four years now and my writing has improved significantly. She got me from ground zero to a point where I can write complex essays by myself. I am happy with my progress with her. If there was a town of a hundred writing teachers, I would choose her.

I 100% definitely recommend her to anyone. You would not regret it!

     Sandy (Preschool Owner, 15 years)

If you are considering Ms. Alta for your homeschool journey, I can confidently recommend her as one of the finest teachers I have encountered in my 12 years of homeschooling.

As my daughter was entering her freshman year of high school, I was seeking a rigorous language arts program to help fully prepare her for the ambitious goal of attending Veterinary School. I hoped to find someone who would offer a unique and in-depth approach, while encouraging her to take her writing to the next level. We were lucky enough to find Alta!

Mrs. Alta takes a truly holistic approach to teaching. She instills a love of learning and captivates her students with topics that are interesting and thought provoking. She dives deep, teaching vocabulary from the Latin roots, provides comprehensive grammar lessons, and mentors on the mechanics of writing everything from a powerful paragraph to an engaging essay. Alta expects her students to bring their best and give 100%, but she makes things fun and lighthearted to keep each lesson enjoyable.

Over these many years, I’m most grateful for Alta’s compassion and sincere interest in my daughter’s health and well-being. She’s a woman of exceptional character who truly cares about her students and their families. We are forever grateful for her and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking an outstanding educator and the very best learning experience for their child.

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     Guzel (Parents)

Mrs. Alta exceeded our expectations as she taught our children all the skills of Grammar, Vocabulary, and Writing. She utilized very effective techniques and used very interesting stories tailored to capture the interest span of each child. But what is also special is her ability to guide and teach our children on how to expand their focus and become independent learners while inspiring a Godly character.

About five years ago, when we were desperately searching for an English tutor familiar with the IEW curriculum, we met Mrs. Alta. My wife and I are not native English speakers, and our oldest child was falling behind. After our initial meeting, we quickly connected with her expertise and philosophy of teaching, soon realizing how fortunate we had become in finding her. Her deep knowledge, expertise, and talent to personalize her instructions to each one of our children was amazing.

During COVID, we've had the privilege to have Mrs. Alta teach our older three kids the full English curriculum via Zoom. She was so competent in delivering a very effective learning experience to them.

Among some of the great outcomes from her teachings is our eldest daughter progressing in her writing skills extremely well. This year, as a 10th grader, she was able to enroll into the dual enrollment program in Palm Beach State College and pass the first College English class with an A grade. Another amazing outcome is how our second child was able to improve from being totally lost into a totally independent learner. This is all thanks to Mrs Alta's teaching.

We love Mrs. Alta and would recommend her for anyone who wants their children to excel in life.

     Ruth (Parent of Special Needs Student)

Alta Wehmeyer has been teaching and guiding our 14 year old son James, with language since end 2020 and we can’t praise her technique and abilities enough.

James had a preliminary diagnosis of Dyslexia, however, under Alta’s instruction, this has miraculously disappeared. Alta creates a stress-free learning environment and sets the children up to succeed, in small bite sized bits of work which culminate in excellent critical thinking skill development, note taking, reviews, grammar excellence, written expression to influence, express and explain.

The material and IEW methodology Alta uses is brilliant, and the child ends up learning not just the English language, but also geography, biology, history, and cultural material.