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Alta is an entrepreneur who homeschooled her lively children with excellent results, leading them to achieve tertiary education. Drawing on her twenty years of experience, she continues to assist many other homeschooling families, as well as those in public and private schools. She possesses exceptional talents in teaching students of all levels to excel in music, writing, critical thinking, and social skills, while nurturing their love for learning and inspiring them to succeed.

In 2023, Alta completed a post-grad diploma in learning disabilities at Seattle Pacific University.


Bachelor’s degree in Music

With a specialization in African Music Composition and Musicology I earned this four year degree amidst teaching my children and relocating several times.  I enhanced my knowledge by extending this degree beyond music with the following tertiary level studies:

  • English for Academic Purposes
  • Foundations of English Literary Studies
  • Information Skills for the 21st Century
  • Developing Information Skills for Lifelong Learning
  • Psychology of Human Development
  • Human Development: Child and Adolescent Development
  • Human Development: Adulthood to Maturity
  • Personality Theories
  • Critical Reasoning
  • African Archaeology I & II
  • Archaeological Fieldwork techniques and analytical methods


IEW Certified-level Instructor

I am a Certified-level IEW Instructor that used this methodology at university while complete a degree in music. Fitness and practical skill that I gained through using it for prime production sets me apart from many of the accredited teachers. My family used the IEW writing curriculum with success since 2008 with success. Since the departure of my students to university themselves, I have taught countless students all over the word. Two of my students opted to become IEW teachers themselves.

Since the early 2000s I authored several curricula that can be used successfully with this methodology but is best suited for a Writing-Across-The-Curriculum approach


Completed Training Levels 1, 2, and 3

Available from the Circe Institute, Lost Tools of Writing enhances classical rhetoric skills and teaches the art of writing persuasively. The three levels of study guides students to mastery in writing cohesive and solid paragraphs that are rock solid. For parents and students that subscribe to Classical Conversations and who are in Challenge I, this writing curriculum supersedes the lower-level years where IEW formed the foundational skills.

After meeting Andrew Kern at a FPEA conference, I embarked on completing the teacher training for Lost Tools. I completed the teacher training for this curriculum. Although I have a keen interest in classical rhetoric, mimetic teaching, and critical thinking skills there were other avenues that I chose to accomplish my goals instead of completing their Apprenticeship. I have mentored discerning students successfully through this program and use techniques that I mastered here in my best-of-breed approach for all writing instruction.


Multple Courses for Educators

National Geographic offer teaching frameworks that allow me to harness the innate abilities, creativity, and interest of my diverse student demographic. Learning about best practices for engaging students with empathy and using problems in their environment that require solutions, I aspire to build bridges to understanding, harness their knowledge, and inspire students to make a difference in their communities. Regional and global expansion may well be their next tier. Fantastic resources and support of the best modern-day explorers in the world facilitates remarkable learning and teaching opportunities. I use the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition of Ernest Shackleton to inspire high school level students and teach them the importance of Antarctica, while middle-school students learn about the Arctic, and elementary-level students investigate animals that have real jobs.

  • Developing a National Geographic Explorer Mindset with Your Learners
  • Applying Geographic Thinking Skills with Your Learners
  • Teaching Global Climate Change in Your Classroom
  • Why, How, and When: Introduction to Storytelling
  • Storytelling through Infographics


Iditarod Certified Educator

This certification was awarded to me and twenty-one fellow teachers in 2022 by the Iditarod® Committee Education Department.

Preserving traditional Alaska Native lifestyles as envisioned by Joe Reddington, the committee hosts a long-distance sled-dog event annually. Dog-sled racing is the state sport of Alaska and there are many hosted events on the adventure calendar. The Iditarod® is the longest event of its kind and celebrated its fiftieth year during 2022. All animal events are under scrutiny of some organizations that oppose the practice working animals. This is no exception, but the naysayers clearly have no interest in people lifestyle and transport remained unchanged for millennia and are still the only eco-friendly option. Classes offered here strive to focus on the geography, ecology, history, traditions, sports, and cultures of Arctic Natives.

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The passion for the arctic dates back to when I was quite young. Living in Africa, I had a poster on my bedroom wall with an inscription 'Land of the Midnight Sun' and a breathtaking photograph of the Denali. I did not know then that I will visit this territory much later in life and fall for it hook, line and sinker! Alaska in winter is one of my favorite places to visit. Dog sledding is a pastime that I highly value and recommend. In a fragmented society with many distractions, this pursuit keeps you connected with your dog team and submerged in nature. You can only be in the moment. I authored a curriculum about the territory, its people, and their traditions. Expanding it to cover the more of the Arctic and teaching the effects of climate change, I inspire students to care about their environment and expand their thinking to a regional and global level. This writing class includes mapping activities, human and physical geography, mathematics, ventures into geophysics, local traditions, lifestyle, and much more. Students discover facts through careful guidance of how to conduct research that they use to write compositions tailored with intent for a specific audience and purpose.


Level 5 Instructor

This Scottish company is the world leader in training and providing services for teachers who work with second language learners from an academic and cultural perspective. With their TESOL/TESL/TEFL courses, they provide professionals with proven techniques and useful skills to teach English to anyone. Training for online, in-person, and telephone-based classes helped many learners master the intricacies of the English language and propelled teachers to become more confident in their abilities.

Completing the training at the highest teaching level, I am positioned to help students who are second language learners to thrive. The cultural training that is integrated in this training benefitted me to host classes seamlessly and comfortably for students from around the globe.

Student and Parent Reviews


Mrs. Alta exceeded our expectations as she taught our children all the skills of Grammar, Vocabulary, and Writing. She utilized very effective techniques and used very interesting stories tailored to capture the interest span of each child. But what is also special is her ability to guide and teach our children on how to expand their focus and become independent learners while inspiring a Godly character.

About five years ago, when we were desperately searching for an English tutor familiar with the IEW curriculum, we met Mrs. Alta. My wife and I are not native English speakers, and our oldest child was falling behind. After our initial meeting, we quickly connected with her expertise and philosophy of teaching, soon realizing how fortunate we had become in finding her. Her deep knowledge, expertise, and talent to personalize her instructions to each one of our children was amazing.

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During COVID, we've had the privilege to have Mrs. Alta teach our older three kids the full English curriculum via Zoom. She was so competent in delivering a very effective learning experience to them.

Among some of the great outcomes from her teachings is our eldest daughter progressing in her writing skills extremely well. This year, as a 10th grader, she was able to enroll into the dual enrollment program in Palm Beach State College and pass the first College English class with an A grade. Another amazing outcome is how our second child was able to improve from being totally lost into a totally independent learner. This is all thanks to Mrs Alta's teaching.

We love Mrs. Alta and would recommend her for anyone who wants their children to excel in life.


It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation. I have known Mrs Alta for more than 2 years. My children started taking piano lessons with Mrs Wehmeyer in May 2016 ages 6 and 5 at the time. They never played any instrument before and have only been exposed to music by attending Lake Worth Kids Choir. Mrs Alta opened a new world for Aeriel and Ryan and the progress they made during these 2 years with her as a teacher far exceeded any expectations I had and demonstrated to me what a wonderful teacher she is. Not only are my children growing as piano players they are gaining more confidence in themselves. Playing and practicing the piano is not a chore but rather an activity they perform happily and voluntarily.

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Mrs Wehmeyer is constantly imparting her enthusiasm and love of playing the piano onto my children and me as I recently started taking piano lessons withMrs Alta myself. Rather than work directly from a piano lesson book, she would play different pieces of music and allow them to choose what they wanted to learn. She customizes the music and lessons to their current skill levels while at the same time providing challenges to keep the learning process going. By allowing the students to choose the piano piece that they want to learn, the children become part of the teaching process. Aeriel and Ryan have more incentive and motivation to practice and play. Once a piano piece is mastered, they are very enthusiastic about beginning the next new piece. Since the piano lessons are happening in our home, I am able to observe my children's interaction with Mrs Wehmeyer. This is where I witnessed the wonderful connection that developed between her and the students. Mrs Alta relishes in my children's accomplishments and acknowledges each newly learned measure of music. She is very proud of each and every student as was evident during recitals. Aeriel and Ryan performedtheir piano pieces with excitement and enthusiasm, they even played a duet! It is very evident that Mrs Alta encourages her students to bring part of his or her own character into the music. Mrs Alta makes learning the piano a magical thing. Mrs Wehmeyer is not only friendly and patient, but also good at gauging her students' level of knowledge and ability. Her commitment to students is evident. Mrs Alta is teaching my children Music Theory, too. We share the same belief that theory is imperative in musical education. Alot of children consider it boring, but Mrs Alta sees each student as an individual and approaches challenges in ways that work wonders. I respect Mrs Alta Wehmeyer for many of her qualities but most of all because she can connect with students of all ages and customize their pianolessons according to their strengths. She is a very positive and encouraging teacher who is able to make confident self-motivated piano players out of her students. I highly recommend Mrs Wehmeyer as a piano teacher and am excited for her future students who will experience her contagious passion and love of music first hand.